How often do I need to change the filter?

For optimal performance, replace the filter every 10-14 days to maintain sufficient water flow through the water chiller.

Do I need to change the filter even if don't plunge every day?

Yes. Regular maintenance is essential; you must replace the filter every 10-14 days regardless of usage. The sediment filtration system also removes minute particles from the water, which are often undetectable to the naked eye.

How do I know when to change the filter?

Adhering to a consistent maintenance schedule is crucial, and it's recommended to replace the filter proactively before signs of a clogged filter manifest. A noticeable alteration in water flow indicates a potential clog. If such a reduction occurs, it's imperative to promptly power off the chiller, allowing it to rest for a minimum of an hour. Upon restarting, replacing the filter is mandatory to ensure optimal performance.

Can I reuse the same filter if I clean it?

Filters CANNOT be reused. The filter effectively captures minuscule particles that are invisible to the naked eye, making it impossible to cleanse these particles from the filter for subsequent use.

Where can I buy new filters?

We provide custom-designed filters tailored specifically for ORCA Chillers. This ensures that you receive an appropriately fitting filter that enables the precise flow required for optimal chilling performance.

What does it mean to "PRIME" my chiller?

Priming a water chiller involves pumping water into the chiller system eliminating any air pockets or bubbles to ensure optimal circulation and efficient cooling.

Why is it important to prime my chiller?

Performing priming on the chiller system before activation guarantees the engagement of the internal water pump with water and the elimination of any airlocks within the system.

HOW do I prime my chiller?

Use the included pump